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Introduction to Figma for Newbie Web Developers

Unlocking digital product design with Figma is powerful yet intuitive. Figma is a cloud-based design tool that makes collaboration and prototyping seamless for designers and developers!


Begin by visiting the Figma website. An advantage of cloud-based software is that you don’t need to download any bulky software. Simply sign-up, log in, and you’re set!

Understanding the Figma Interface

When you start Figma, you’ll land on a new project page with a clear and clutter-free canvas. Let’s explore:

  • Toolbar: Located on the top, it houses tools like move, frame, and shape.
  • Layers Panel: Located on the left, it displays your grouped objects and layers.
  • Properties Panel: Located on the right, it lets you modify layer properties and styling.

Creating Your First Design

Design in Figma starts with frames. These are like artboards in Adobe Xd or Sketch. To create a new frame, select the frame tool from the toolbar and choose a frame size.

Adding Objects and Text

Objects and text can be added to frames. Simply select the relevant tool from the toolbar and draw on the frame. Double click to edit text inside a text field.

Exporting Designs

Finished designing? Click on the frame you want to export and then click on the ‘Export’ button in the properties panel. You can export designs as SVG, PNG, or JPG.


There’s a lot more to Figma like creating design components, prototyping, and even commenting but this tutorial should help you get started with Figma as a newbie web developer. It’s a powerful tool and with regular practice, it can greatly enhance your web development workflow.

Whether you’re looking to do some quick mockups or comprehensive UI/UX design, Figma has got you covered. So go ahead, create your first Figma design today!

Remember, as with any tool, the more you use Figma, the better you’ll become. Happy designing!

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