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How to Create an Interactive Prototype in Figma

Welcome to this beginner’s guide to creating an interactive prototype with Figma, a powerful user interface design tool. This tutorial will walk you through the essential steps for turning your static designs into a fully navigable prototype.

Step 1: Design Your Frames

In Figma, the equivalent of a design layout is referred to as a Frame. It’s here that you’ll arrange your elements – images,
text blocks, buttons, etc. To start, select ‘F’ on your keyboard and choose an appropriate frame size.

Step 2: Understand Figma’s Interactions

Before diving into prototyping, it’s essential to understand the following interaction components: the trigger, the action, and the animation. The trigger decides when your interaction occurs, the action determines what it does, and the animation defines how it looks.

Step 3: Linking Your Frames

To navigate between your frames, you’ll need to create connections. Just select the element you want to be a trigger, then go to Prototype > Plus Icon > Drag the arrow to your target frame.

Step 4: Defining Your Interactions

Figma provides several interaction options in the right-side details panel:

  • On Click
  • While Hovering
  • While Pressing

Just select the one that fits your needs.

Step 5: Choose an Animation (optional)

You can also make your interaction more dynamic by adding an animation effect. This can be done under Prototype > Animation with options like ‘Instant’, ‘Dissolve’, ‘Move In’, and more.

Step 6: Previewing Your Prototype

Click on the ‘Present’ button located on the top right area of your Figma application to preview the final product. Navigate through using the triggers you’ve set up.

Remember, creating interactive prototypes allows designers to evaluate design concepts, while also refining functionality. Making your designs come to life with Figma is as easy as following these steps. Keep experimenting and learning! Your path to becoming a proficient Figma designer is clearly within reach now. Happy prototyping!

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