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Introduction to Figma: A Guide for Beginners

In the domain of UI/UX design, Figma has made a significant name for itself. This browser-based interface design tool enables designers, developers, and stakeholders to collaborate in real-time. Today, we’ll walk you through the basics of Figma.

1. Setting Up Your Figma Account

Start by creating your Figma account. Figma allows designers to start for free, so you have the opportunity to explore before diving into a premium account. Make your way to ‘www.figma.com’ and register with your basic details.

2. Understanding the Figma Workspace

The Figma workspace consists of five main components:

  • The Toolbar: Placed at the top, it provides access to necessary design tools.
  • The Layers Panel: Positioned on the left, it displays all the layers in your design.
  • The Canvas: The central area where all design work is done.
  • The Properties Panel: On the right, this panel changes based on the present object or layer in selection.
  • The Protoyping Panel: This panel helps design proofs of concept.

3. Starting Your First Project

To get started, click the ‘+’ icon on the dashboard which stands for ‘New File’. A new tab with a fresh workspace will open. You can now start designing, drawing, and using shapes or text.

4. Sharing Your Designs

One of the best features of Figma is real-time collaboration. To share your designs, click ‘Share’ in the top right corner, and enter the email addresses of people you want to invite. You can also choose what permissions they have when accessing your design.


Figma’s power lies in its collaborative nature and easiness to use. By following these four basic steps, you’re now ready to dive deep into the endless possibilities of Figma. Our advice is to experiment and explore to get the hang of it. Happy designing!

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