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An Easy Introduction to Chatbots Using Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to this engaging tutorial that will illustrate the process of creating a chatbot utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). An AI chatbot is a software application that can mimic a conversation (or a chat) with a user in a natural language.

Why develop an AI chatbot?

Interactions between businesses and customers have been revolutionized by AI chatbots. A chatbot can provide 24/7 customer service, boost sales, and improve customer engagement and satisfaction levels. It also significantly reduces customer service cost.

Identifying your AI chatbot’s purpose

Before beginning the technical stages of developing an AI chatbot, first identify its purpose. This could be providing customer service, offering product suggestions, or answering FAQs.

Choosing a development platform

There are numerous AI platforms available, such as Watson by IBM, Wit.ai by Facebook, DialogFlow by Google, etc. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Google’s DialogFlow.

Setting up Your DialogFlow Agent

The first step in our DialogFlow tutorial is to make an agent. An agent in DialogFlow is like a human smart speaker that understands and processes user input.

  • Login into your DialogFlow console.
  • Create an Agent by giving it a name.

Training Your Chatbot

Now, comes the most vital step of building our AI Chatbot – Training. Training helps your bot to understand user instructions and reply accordingly.

  • Create ‘Intents’, which define how your bot will react to user inputs. Click on ‘Create Intent’ and add some phrases that users typically use.
  • Create ‘Entities’, which are important data points the chatbot focuses on from user input. For example, if your chatbot books flight tickets, entities could be the city, date, time, etc.

Integrating Your Chatbot with a Platform

It’s time to meet your users! You can deploy your chatbot on different platforms like your website, Android app, or a third-party chatbot platform.

That’s it! You’ve successfully built an AI chatbot. Remember, constant revision will make your chatbot smarter over time, so keep testing and retraining it.

This quick guide offers a simple, non-technical introduction to creating a basic AI chatbot. As you gain experience, there is so much more that you can do, such as integrating your bot with APIs and databases or making it capable of handling more complex conversations. Happy Bot-Building!

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